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Meet Keren Butcher

My background is in coaching/instructing and as a one to one support worker. I have extensive experience working with people who are neurodivergent.


I know what it’s like to have burn out, fatigue, depression, anxiety, people pleasing, no boundaries, lack of self-worth, alcohol dependency and unhealthy relationships. I felt like change was impossible and too hard. 

In 2019, my healing journey commenced, marking a pivotal moment in my life. It began with mindfulness and the gradual transformation of my habits.

In 2022, I discovered Belief Coding®, a modality focused on healing past trauma to unlock one's fullest potential. Everything shifted. For the first time, I glimpsed my true self beyond the layers of trauma, conditioning, and negative beliefs.

I loved it so much I trained in the modality and became a Belief Coding® Facilitator, Life coach and Reiki Practitioner. Later that year, I launched my holistic business Subconscious Coaching. 

Stone Balancing

"Trauma is not the bad things that happen to you; trauma is what happens inside you as a result of the bad things that happen to you." - Gabor Maté

In 2023, my twin sister faced a devastating diagnosis of Bowel Cancer. Belief Coding® sessions became my lifeline, providing invaluable tools that fostered calm, healthy coping mechanisms, and prioritized mental wellness. This empowerment allowed me to wholeheartedly support my sister, guiding her through her healing journey with compassion and strength.

This experience shifted my perspective and in 2024, I became the founder of 'The ADHD Alchemist'.

Rise from the ashes, forge your healing path.

As resilient ADHD warriors, we consistently rise from the ashes, adapting to life's challenges. Understanding is our strength, and leveraging that understanding is our power. I am dedicated to using my knowledge to assist fellow ADHD individuals in navigating their journeys toward healing.

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