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Meet Keren Butcher

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I bring a background rooted in coaching and instructing, with rich experience in supporting neurodivergent individuals.

In 2022, I discovered Belief Coding®. Everything shifted. For the first time, I glimpsed my true self beyond the layers of trauma, conditioning, and negative beliefs.

I loved it so much I trained in the modality and became a Belief Coding® Facilitator, Life coach and Reiki Practitioner. 

However, my journey toward healing was about to face its greatest challenge yet...while running my holistic business, Subconscious Coaching, my twin sister Verity, was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. 


"Trauma is not the bad things that happen to you; trauma is what happens inside you as a result of the bad things that happen to you." - Gabor Maté


All my prior experiences with Belief Coding® sessions proved to be remarkable lifelines, aiding me in coping and offering invaluable support for both Verity's mental well-being and my own.

​The transformation in my sister's mental resilience was incredible and we were extremely fortunate, as she is now in remission.

This experience truly shifted my perspective. Drawing from my background in supporting neurodivergent individuals and my entrepreneurial journey, I recognised my potential to significantly impact ADHD business owners' lives, guiding them through adversities towards both success and happiness. This led me to establish 'The ADHD Alchemist' in 2024.

Mission and Values

    My Values

Honesty, accountability, equality, freedom, compassion and adaptability. ​


My Mission Statement

My mission is to empower individuals with ADHD by instilling the subconscious belief, "I can." I  am dedicated to helping them reach their full potential with authenticity and success by enhancing their mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation. I strive to find and implement permanent solutions for lasting change

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