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"It's been the first time in my life, I've been so positive about myself."

It was really clear that Keren cares deeply about her clients and making a transformation in their lives using belief coding®. She was very thorough in getting to the root of my beliefs and making sure I created meaningful new ones that resonated for me. She was also very good at explaining what needed to happen and why which I appreciated and took the pressure off my subconscious to ‘do’ anything which helped us get to the best outcome. I also had a major revelation/light bulb moment about a certain behaviour which I did not see coming 

It’s been a month since I had my session and I haven’t looked back - my beliefs, and my behaviour, have completely changed and I haven’t had any of my old thoughts - only the new and positive ones! It’s been the first time in my life I’ve been so positive about myself with absolutely none of the old negative talk to, and about, myself.  I wouldn’t hesitate to book a session of belief coding with Keren.

       Kerryn Fields 

"Wow wow wow I had the deepest healing session with Keren"


I simply cannot believe the power of Belief Coding®! I joined last April and this was my most mind blowing session to date. Keren is patient, intuitive and incredibly gentle in her approach. I felt so safe with her, meaning I was able to shift something that was extremely deep rooted. My emotions were strong and scary at times but Keren held the session in such a beautiful way, I was able to release my feelings safely. 

                                                                                    Lucy Watson

"Gave me an immediate postive impact in my life."


A first I was sceptical but connections were made in the session. I'm generally quite stubborn but Keren gave me an eye-opening experience where I felt emotional and relieved and gave me an immediate positive impact in my life. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the best for themselves and wants a positive experience! Thanks Keren! 


"My confidence continues to grow each day."


Keren was born to do this! Meeting new people can be a bit of a challenge for me but I instantly felt comfortable with Keren and I knew I could relax into the session. I was feeling very emotional and she was willing and able to just go with how I was feeling at that moment in time – helping me dive deeper into exactly WHAT that discomfort was and the trapped emotion behind it – and because I was so emotional I couldn’t ‘see the wood for the trees’ but she helped me unpick it by asking the right questions.

The session just flowed and Keren gave me the time and space I needed in each reflection and because I felt comfortable I was able to go deeper into my healing. My confidence had really been lacking, but since our session my confidence continues to grow each day and I’m so grateful to Keren for walking alongside me on this part of my journey. Keren has such a beautiful energy which radiates out into the session and you feel like you are in the safest hands. If you are looking to have a Belief Coding® session then do not hesitate to contact Keren, she is amazing and will help you on your healing journey.

Natalie Douglas

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